Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sixth Sense: Old version of Google Glass

Amid much fanfare, Google did a demo of Project Glass at Google I/O a few days ago. In all this hype, we have lost track of an actual prototype of Sixth Sense demonstrated at TED by Pranav Mistry in February 2009. While Google showed Project Glass' ability to be a wireless webcam, Sixth Sense had potential of being much more!

The prototype for Sixth Sense can be constructed for $350 and is completely open source! Considering this demo was more than three years ago, it is surprising that there haven't been many updates on the project. I would have expected it to be much further ahead of Google Glass by now.

Pranav had combined all the technologies together and instead of a heads-up display, he used a projector to use any surface as a display. With the availability of fast data connection like LTE and widespread use of wifi networks, it could be used much more easily today. As a prototype, it seemed like a clunky bunch of different devices. With some potential of mass market, it could have developed into a much sleeker version. If he could have kept the price less than $500 and fit the technology into one device, Google Glass would seem like an outdated webcam by now!

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