Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google Glass

The biggest announcement on the first day of Google I/O was that Google Glasses will be for sale next year. The futuristic devices seemed at least three to five years away! Despite the high price tag of $1500, it is still very exciting news.

Sergey Brin made the announcement with the help of skydivers, bikers and rapellers. All of the performers were wearing a pair of Google Glass and transmitting live feed of what they were seeing to a Google Hangout. The performance was great, especially getting to see it from their perspective in real-time.

The specs were not addressed specifically. According to Terrence O'Brien of Engadget, the specs were described vaguely as a "powerful" CPU and "lots" of RAM. As would be expected, it has an accelerometer, gyroscope, wireless radios, mic, speaker and a camera. It also has a touchpad on the side of the device. The tiny transparent display actually sits out a bit to the side of your line of vision to avoid interference with daily life.

Developers signed up for pre-ordering of the device at Google I/O. They received a piece of glass with the order number engraved on it. Look forward to seeing it in use next year!

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