Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ASUS Transformer Book

Earlier, I had written a blog post about the different pros and cons while comparing a Tablet, Laptop and Ultrabook. In the end, I had mentioned that the ASUS Transformer series have good functionality where I can use it as a tablet as well as a laptop.

Well, at Computex 2012, ASUS showed off a new range of the new Transformer series. These are called Transformer Book. Dana Wollman of Engadget did a review; ASUS announces line of Transformer Books. The biggest difference between the previous Transformer range is that the Book runs Windows 8. For Windows fans, this would be a perfect replacement for laptop and tablet. These also come in three large sizes: 11.6, 13 and 14 inches! The sizes would easily define their functionality more as laptops than tablets. Also, they are installed with Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors. The specs are on par with most current laptop specs.

The fact that the smallest size is 11.6 inches, might deter some people from using it as such a large tablet. For those who use their tablets for mostly watching videos, this would be great. Given the added functionality of a keyboard dock, this would be the perfect new device for a Windows user looking to get a tablet and a laptop. No more need to get two separate devices! :)

ASUS has not mentioned any details about prices as yet. In fact, the demos show only prototypes. There is a chance that the final product might be slightly different. I would expect the price range to be around $400 - $500. Add a $150 keyboard dock to it. It still ends up being much cheaper than getting a laptop and tablet separately with similar specs.

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