Monday, June 25, 2012

Temporary Internet Connection

There are many times when you need to relocate to a temporary location. As I have mentioned previously, we are planning to look for a temporary place to stay during the month of August. After that, we will get a permanent place to live.

In the online hunt for furnished short-term apartments, I came across a particularly nice place. It is a one bedroom apartment with complete furnishings and in a very convenient location. They even have included Cable TV in the rent! Surprisingly, the apartment does not have internet access. If we decided on renting this apartment, we would need an internet connection.

Getting a cable internet connection would not be a viable option for such a short term. Another option is to get broadband connectivity from cell phone carriers like Verizon or AT&T. However, these require to buy devices for $200 and then sign a 2 year contract.

While doing some searching online, I came across a very good option: CLEAR. They have monthly options for $35 and $50, depending on speed required. The devices start as low as $20.

So, if we do end up deciding on an apartment which doesn't have internet access, I would probably get a CLEAR connection.

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