Saturday, May 12, 2012

Apartment hunting

Despite being told by my friends as well as my admission counselor that its too early to look for apartments, I can't wait to find a place which we will soon call home! :)

Even though I have a lot of friends in Minneapolis who are willing to look for an apartment for us, I would rather have a look at it myself before locking into a year's lease. The other option is that we find a furnished apartment available for sublet for a month where we can settle in as soon as we get there and find an apartment during that month. Even though the cost for the one month will be higher than getting an apartment on a year's lease, we will have the luxury of reaching there and having a place already set up. Plus, even if the place isn't that great, we can be comfortable with the idea that its only for a month! :)

So far, we have been looking at Craigslist but all we are getting is students from UMN subletting for the whole summer. Hopefully, we'll have better luck in the next month or so. We have also been keeping an eye out on AirBnB but haven't found anything worthwhile. Another cool website for apartment hunting is PadMapper. It basically rounds up listings from different websites and displays it on a map. We have been trying out but they don't have much variety for furnished apartments on one month leases.

A good option is Their primary focus is on sublets which we require. This website has some good leads which I am going to follow up on. But despite there being some options here, there are still not many options to choose from.

Apparently, it would be best to wait for at least another month before making a decision on which one of those sublets is suitable for us! :)

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