Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One X or Galaxy S III?


Recently HTC launched their top of the line Android phone, the HTC One X. Not to be left far behind, Samsung just announced it will soon launch their top of the line Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

With the excitement of my returning to USA, I have already started researching which phone I will be buying. I have been an Android fan since a long time. Tried the iOS on other people's iPhones, but given the the flexibility of Android and the vast array of choices it offers, Android wins hands down!

So, with the reviews coming out of the two new Android phones, I am debating which one should be the phone I get. My decision might get skewed by which carrier I choose to go with, but that is for another day.

Came across a very good extensive review of the HTC One X by Eileen Rivera of TWiT:


The only con of this model that is holding me back is the fact that there is no expandable microSD slot. But, given the fast 4G LTE networks, I might be able to work with the given 16GB memory and store backups, music, photos and documents on the cloud.

Since Samsung has not released the Galaxy S III in the US as yet, I had to look for reviews done by journalists in UK. Matt Warman of The Telegraph did a very extensive review.

As it happened with the One X, chances are, the Galaxy S III will also only have dual core processor to accommodate for LTE network capability. Apart from that, there is not much noticeable difference between the two except the S3's expandable microSD slot.

Unfortunately, both phones have one con in common: the size! But given all the capabilities of the new smartphones, manufacturers need bigger batteries installed, for that they have just kept increasing the size of the phone. I guess I'll need to get used to carrying a big phone! :(

So far, they are both on par if I disregard the microSD option. Now, the main question comes, which network will have the Galaxy S III and at what price? AT&T has announced the One X at $200 but Amazon Wireless is giving a $50 discount on it.

I think my decision can go either ways, depending on my carrier choice and the price of the S3.

Lets see what they come up with. I have more than two months to decide! Hopefully the prices will have gone lower by then! :)

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