Sunday, May 13, 2012

Formula 1

I have been a big fan of Formula 1 since the time when Michael Schumacher would drive in his Ferrari as if he was taking an evening stroll around the laps. Winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix was not a big deal for him. And I really enjoyed watching the race and all the other drivers struggling to keep up with him.

The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain just finished. I watched the whole race and despite there being a few interesting events, there were times I was trying hard to stay awake!

Pastor Maldonaldo of the Williams Renault team really surprised everyone today. He has only been racing in the F1 since last year and managed to win their first Grand Prix in 8 years! Although the Spanish fans were truly hooting for their local hero: Fernando Alonso of the Ferrari team. He started in the second place next to Pastor Maldonaldo. Chances were high that he would easily take the pole position given his vast experience in racing. But this time Maldonaldo and the Williams Renault team had come well prepared! Maldonaldo also had some luck in his favor because Lewis Hamilton was not awarded the pole position after the McLaren team was not able to provide fuel for sampling after the qualifying.

The Williams Renault team's owner had just celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday, as the commentators kept reminding us during the race. The fact that Maldonaldo got the pole position and then won the race today seemed to be a great birthday present for him!

During the race Michael Schumacher caused a big accident with Bruno Senna. Even though Michael slammed his car behind Senna, he has the audacity to call Senna an 'idiot'! Don't know what the cause for the accident was. Maybe it was a confusion of some sort, or Schumacher didn't expect Senna to slow down when he did. Regardless, as the universal rule of driving is, the driver has to watch where the car in front of him is going.

McLaren also made a few blunders in their pit stops. Once they left the wheel gun and the car jumped over it. The other time one of the pit crew fell over and caused confusion and slow down. Hopefully they will either have some crew changes or better training and practice!

Apparently Michael Schumacher is not the same driver he was when I started watching Formula 1, but there are new drivers coming on track who are also very good. Will now start to keep my eyes out for the new drivers and maybe now the races will overall be more challenging.

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