Friday, May 25, 2012

Choosing a blog name

When I started writing this blog two weeks ago, I had no idea what I would write about for every post. For every new blog post, I tried to pick a random topic, research it and then write about it. I got this idea from a Lifehacker article by Christ Storm "366 Days, or How I Tricked Myself into Being Awesome". At the end of a year, he had gained knowledge about 366 different things and also made himself a credible blogger.

Now that I had decided to write a blog, I needed to pick a name for it. Usually, names of different blogs suggest to what topic the individual blog covers. Since I had not picked a specific topic, it became harder to pick a specific name. Fortunately, I had the help of my wife, who is a creative designer by profession.

We came up with numerous names, but none of them were good enough. A few options were Hoop Design, Blog It, Zef's Spot, Zef Flash, Zef's Plug, Zef's Escapades, Zef Tech, Zef's Capers and many more. They just didn't seem right. Either they weren't catchy, or the domains weren't available, or just didn't sound right.

Finally, we decided that to make it an all-rounder blog, the best option would be to use my name for the blog. Even though Zef Hash isn't my real name, but it has been my pseudonym since childhood. Since it has been my identity for so long, it would be the best option in the long run to use it as my blog name. Also, was available! :)

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