Sunday, May 27, 2012

Choosing a domain registrar

In my previous post, I mentioned going through the process of choosing a name for my blog. The next step was registering the URL for my blog. There are a lot of companies advertising to be the cheapest registrar. Each one has their pros and cons. Some of those options were:

Hover: One of the popular hosts, with high-end pricing. They are quite straight-forward about their services and purposely priced high. They are priced at $15/yr, which includes domain registration and WHOIS privacy. The WHOIS privacy ensures that the URL will show as registered to Hover and not show the name of the actual owner. This privacy feature is usually an extra charge from other companies.

Name Silo: Priced at $9/yr, it is a lesser known domain registrar. Despite its much lower pricing, it also includes WHOIS privacy.

Yours Domain: Another unknown service for domain registration, it charges $10/yr. It also provides two email accounts included in the price. This service would be an extra $45/yr from Hover.

Go Daddy: One of the most popular domain registrars, provides its service at $13/yr. Currently, they have a deal for $5/yr. Their price also include an email address, hosting a one page website and hosting a photo album.

Even though the price differences translate to a few cents per month, I needed a service to give me the basic domain registration. Since I was not making any money out of it, I wanted it to be the cheapest service available. I chose the Go Daddy service primarily of the price. All extra services provided by other companies were not going to be used by me. If I was looking to register a domain for a business, I would have probably had a different way of comparison.

After registering the domain, I hosted it using Google Apps. It is an excellent service provided by Google and integrates very well with all the other Google services I use, including Blogger.

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