Saturday, May 19, 2012


In my earlier post, I compared HTC One X against Samsung Galaxy S3. At the time, I had considered those two phones to be the best Android phones released so far. Less than a month later, HTC has come out with Evo 4G LTE touting it to be the best Android phone.
Is it better than the One X or Galaxy S3? I watched and read its' reviews by numerous people online. Here is Nicole doing a review of the Evo 4G on TWiT:

According to her, the differences between the One X and Evo 4G are very few. The Evo has a kickstand and an aluminium finish, while the One X doesn't have a kickstand and has a poly-carbonate finish. Another major difference is that the Evo has a microSD slot.
Another impressive review of Evo 4G by Nathan Olivarez-Giles of Wired emphasizes that the Evo is Sprint's version of the HTC One X on AT&T. According to Tyler Lee on ubergizmo, there are strong rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be on all US networks.
Considering Sprint does not have a 4G network, using Sprint network has been ruled out. So, the HTC Evo 4G might be a good alternative to HTC One X, but not my choice, as I would prefer to use a 4G network.

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